Thursday, January 20, 2011

Date Udate- January 20, 2011

Hi everyone.  I've got some really good news to share.  We got the results back from Dave's bone marrow extraction and the results show zero multiple myeloma cells!!!  When Dave was diagnosed in September, he had 80% presence of multiple myeloma cells.  The doctor is waiting back for one more test to determine 100% Dave is in Complete Response, but it looks really good so far.  With multiple myeloma, there is no cure at this time so they don't define where Dave is at this point as "remission".  But Complete Response would be the "remission" of Multiple Myeloma and is truly the best scenario we can be at!

I know I'm constantly placing my own spirtitual beliefs in this blog, but I believe so much with all my heart that this is by the grace of God.  I've prayed every night for this specific outcome, that there would be no cancer in Dave's bone marrow and that is where we are.  I know that this is solely by the grace of God and I constantly remind myself to praise him when things are good (like now) and when they are bad.  This is our first victory in this fight!!! 

I will let you know a definiitve when we get the rest of the tests back, but keep those prayers coming because they are working!  So, what is next?  This is up to Dave obviously.  He is in his 6th round of chemo and is having a rough batch of it.  This round has really affected him and he is experiencing a lot of discomfort.  I knew it was too good to be true that he was responded that well through 5 rounds with few side affects.  But thank you God for giving us that.  The doctor did mention he would check with Standford about the necessity of completing these last round due to his extraordinary response to initial therapy so far.  From everything I've read, the pain and side affects should end as soon as he completes chemo.  So, lets hope that he can end chemo early...

Typically, through my research, patient choose stem cell transplantation after intitial therapy.  There are different ideas on this and Dave is looking into it.  But, if he choses to go this route, research shows that high rates of Complete Response after induction (which is where he is) often translates into high Complete Response Rates after trasnplantation and prolonged event-free survival. 

Treatmentment, pills, chemotherapy, decisions all place a lot of pressure and stress on any indiviidual.  Dave has been amazing and we need to continue to pray for Dave strength, hope, will, and spirit to get him in fighting shape for whatever is next.  God is good.

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